Server/network we will analyze your current network infrastructure and develop a solution for your current and future needs. Let us simplify this process to keep your office productive. Our attitude toward system maintenance reduces long-term support costs and extends computer hardware life. Software configuration we will work with your software vendor to install new items or repair problems. Our technicians are experienced and ready to work for you. Firewall support network firewalls are absolutely necessary to safety and securely run a business network. The main purpose of a firewall is to prevent network intrusion and regulate the flow of traffic. VPN solutions our virtual private network (VPN) solutions allow your business to connect multiple offices together and maintain organization. Regular business operations become very simple by combining your voice, data, and internet traffic over a single connection. VoIP telephone voice over IP allows an organization to utilize voicemail for every extension, music on hold, name directory, unlimited extensions, and link different branches together. POS point of sale systems allow more detailed reporting, better inventory tracking, improve cost projections, and is easily implemented. Virus/Spyware removal malicious and infectious files can bring business operations to a halt. We are able to find and eliminate any dangerous files that may have slipped in. Technology refresh we will assist you as a purchasing agent during any hardware or software updates. We can help your business stay ahead at minimal cost. Network security auditing we will determine current security threats and vulnerabilities in your internal and external business network. All our procedures and solutions are HIPPA compliant.